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H&M is making moves in D.C.; why you need to take notice

     There isn't a person around in DC who couldn't tell you about H&M. The one stop shop for all things great fitting and mostl...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

H&M is making moves in D.C.; why you need to take notice

     There isn't a person around in DC who couldn't tell you about H&M. The one stop shop for all things great fitting and mostly basic, the retail chain is well-known in the D.C. area. With here and there stand out looks that occasionally rock the market and sell out fast, and amazing collabs that encourage early morning lines and releases to the public,

**(fun side note: used to work right beside a H&M; the one on F Street NW--when they re-opened and launched the KENZO collab, you would've thought that downtown D.C. had died and gone to style heaven. The looks were amazing and the vibe in H&M was fun, inviting and vibrant; contrary to the relaxed chilled out nature they extrude)

                                                                                             one is left to think, what could possibly be left for H&M and how do they increase their market in D.C. while continuing to build their brand in such a politically branded city? Most people would say 'open more stores and boost advertising'. While true and effective to say the least, H&M realized what most retail savvy people do: this can only take a brand so far. Luckily, H&M had an answer to this.

A lot of people didn't know that H&M had sister brands/companies that they had launched. Yep, you heard that correctly. H&M has 2 other women driven brands that they've concocted to boost sales and increase their target markets to all types of females. From the fun eclectic soul, to the young and carefree "whatever trend is in" girl, to the career driven woman focused on growth, H&M has officially introduced something for everyone! Below are the 2 latest brands from H&M to join the D.C. retail family, both located in Georgetown!

    & Other Stories: the chic, eclectic little sister of H&M, this small boutique shop is anything but the ordinary; with fun and vibrant prints paired with the everyday basics that one would normally find at their parent brand H&M, this store recently made its debut into the D.C. scene in Georgetown this past February. Although open for almost half a year now, still a fairly new store to check out and make a point to find some great bold pieces.

     It seems as if H&M is making it their mission to venture into the political world of D.C. and make it more fashion forward, due to the fact that they've opened up another of their sister stores, Cos. Opened in March, Cos is the more sophisticated, neutral toned side that H&M has to offer. If the political heads in D.C. needed a money conscience place to shop, this would be it. With basics and silhouettes for set older crowd, Cos brings a level of style and class that H&M's market could be missing in D.C.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Natural hair summer inspiration


   So, summer is here, and as usual, I've become bored with my hair. Although its a deep plum/fair mixture of brown and black since the sun continues to hit it, this was done closer to the winter going into spring. Like most natural haired women out there, you start to get tired of the same old curly ball of hair on top of your head. The dark color of your hair can feel extremely dissatisfying and uninspiring. If this is you right now, no worries-- I've dropped a few looks below for you all to get inspired and get working on some amazing looks for your natural hair this summer! Happy hair, everyone!


Sweet like almond butter: Product Review of Camille Rose Naturals almond twisting butter

There's nothing like finding a new hair care product to try, let alone finding one that is amazing and gets added to your list of favorites. As a natural haired fashionista, these moments happen far and in between; I'm truly a picky woman when it comes to my hair, and want the best so that my hair can continue strong and continue to grow.

I have found that new product that brings me joy and makes my hair feel even more amazing! Almond twisting butter from Camille Rose Naturals is a new brand I'm trying from Target that not only smells amazing but gives your hair an extra "oomf" for the day! With a smooth texture, creamy and smooth, this butter keeps curls soft and strengthens the hair while keeping the style you're aiming for.

I used this creamy almond butter to do my flat twist out for the night; immediately when I opened it, it smelled sooooo good! Smelled just like a cake, so automatically I loved it. As soon as it hit my hands, it felt smooth and manageable--nothing too thick and overwhelming for my hair. Added to my routine for my twist out, it was perfect. Nothing too thick and suffocating for my hair, and easy to use! Overall, I loved it! I would say the only thing I wouldn't love too much is the fact that it does contain some form of sulfate in it. Beyond this, nothing else is wrong with this product at all. I was able to test out one twist out, and already my curls feel super soft, smell amazing and have a great hold and form!

If you get.a chance, definitely try out Camille Rose Naturals- almond twisting butter. I know this won't be the last time I try their products, not just this one.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer loving: falling in love with edge this summer

it's official: summer is here.

I repeat, summer is here.

As you can tell, I am extremely excited about this. Warmer weather, more activities outdoors, rooftop parties, beaches, bonfires....so much to do! Even better than that, the outfits; amazing bright colors, shorts and skirts, and the ability to show off legs and more arms. Ah, summer. Such joy and happiness summer can bring.

But what if you're an edgy woman with goals of rocking the streets without having to give up too much black, metal or burning up in layers, no worries you too can love the summer with a little edge this year.

Start off with adding bold to your edge. Metallic oxfords (which I just got a pair from Forever 21...in love!!!!) and neon colored accessories on top of blacks, silvers and edgier textures are great pieces to create bold fun summer looks.

Also, let go off all that black. Keep some of the black, but let the other black that's heavier in texture and fabric, go. Short sleeve blacks, loose fabrics in black and accessories in black rather than clothing itself always provide an excellent substitute for all black without losing your edge.

Finally, lose the layers and thick textured pieces. Lose the leather jacket and aim for the leather shorts. Get rid of the black sweater and rock distressed denim and a lose graphic tee with black accessories and thick sneakers.

Edgy can still happen in the summer, you just have to find the brighter side to your edge. Once you do, you'll be one bad ass ball of sunshine. Happy summer!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Coming back to my first love

Hey everyone, I'm back! After taking some much needed time to live and get my life together, I am finally ready to write again! Click the link below for the full story! 


Friday, February 24, 2017

Came & Went: London's Fashion Week recap

Since NYFW, the fashion week season has officially kicked off with some great looks, wild pieces, fun and bold moments, and of course, amazing and powerful statements that walk on the runway. With the first fashion week here and gone, it's time to go across the pond to see what London has to offer for the fall of 2017. Below is a recap of the looks seen and assessed at London Fashion Week:

1. Go big or go home. 

Many designers this year at LFW have opted to follow in New York's footsteps and work with the oversized design. Whether it was oversized blazers with exaggerated pointed shoulders, or large sweaters with intricate knitting, the runway was filled with all clothing big. I love this idea because this gave many designers the opportunity to pull off some great layering looks. 

2. Bring in the bold.

There is nothing more thrilling to me than seeing a look come together through wild colors and bold prints, patterns and textures. London Fashion Week provided this and then some when they debuted some new looks this past week. Designers such as Peter Pilotto, David Koma and Temperley London have nailed this. Utilizing texture, colors and patterns that stand out (Peter Pilotto nails the ugly style look...which indeed is a thing, look it up!) and truly catch the eye. 

3. Say it loud. 

With all the recent political changes and tense political atmosphere, its always amazing to see how designers convey their opinions, frustrations, praises, and views on the runway. It reminds me that fashion and style can be more than just what you wear, but truly in the sense of the word, how you wear something. Ashish, always a breath of fresh designer air, is no stranger to this designing. After Donald Trump's muslim ban and other recent US actions against those of minorities and different sexual orientation, Ashish took to the runway to support love for all races and all kinds. The designs were beautiful and his message was even better. 

images courtesy of Google images. 


Finding My Voice and then some

Finding your voice as a blogger, 

can be a bit of a difficulty.

As someone who blogs on the somewhat regular and is currently trying to write a book, finding your voice that people can connect with is one of the hardest things that come from being a blogger. You have to truly know your audience; gauge what your readers are going to want from you and really assess how well versed you are in communicating your views and lifestyle solely through your words and occasional images. It's even harder when you are battling anxiety and insecurities in your work?

I find I do this a lot. Sometimes, my anxiety gets the best of me and prevents me from writing about a specific event or topic, or even post an #ootd. Unfortunately, this happens pretty often (thus, why for the time being, I don't always post on my social media or writing sites). I find myself struggling to find a good enough topic that not only my readers and viewers will enjoy, but one that I'm proud of and think is worth writing.

I decided, that since there's no way I'm the only one who struggles with this, to focus on helping others when it comes to finding your voice and sticking with and through it.

1. Write it all down once it hits.
When a new idea hits you, write it down immediately. I prefer to keep a journal or note pad with me just in case. A napkin, a piece of paper, anything. Even a receipt you get from a store; write those ideas down asap once they hit.

2. Calm yo' self
Do normal exercises before writing; ones you would normally do for your anxiety or stress. This way, you've presented yourself to your writing with a clearer mind and a less anxious mentality. You're overall a more focused person and ready to combat your writing and your audience (well, combat as in impress your audience, that is.)

3. Music saves
I love music, I mean, who doesn't? It can be the difference between nailing a post or completely failing. Create a playlist; either through Pandora, Apple music or Spotify, and add music that eases your mind. Listen to the music first, then write. Or, if you're like me, you listen while writing (as I'm doing as I type this) and let the words just flow. Whatever your musical multi-tasking preference may be, let music take you to your happy place so you can be the best you for your blog and your readers.

4. Fail sometimes. It's a good thing.
Did you know that failing is good? Yep, I know. Shocker. Although failure can be a harsh mistress who takes all your money, failure can also present something great: a lesson. Say you write what you believe is your best work on your blog and as it turns out, no one thinks it is. You don't receive any likes but the views are there (the harshest of critiques- not liking what one is reading) and your following isn't strong. This, in the blog world, is considered a major let down and failure. Yet, this is a big opportunity for you to focus on what you can take away from this fail. What needs to change? How do you make this better? How do I entice my readers and new readers into continuing on with this blog? See, failure can bring you something great. With these lessons, come adjustments which can create successes.

So don't get anxious, relax. Trust yourself; you know better than anyone else who you are and what you're about. So whether you get readers or not, or whether your following is strong or just in the beginning phase for awhile, just be you. Write what you want and make your blog your own. You'll be surprised by how many readers like your writing, and you, for who you are....yourself. 

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